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Wax & Metal Setting Robots 


Poly Intelligent Technology with a wide choice of 2D and 3D automated robots allows you to set stones and rhinestones on metal and wax.

A real revolution in the goldsmith industry available today exclusively at GvFormacad

Preincassatura in Cera
Incassatura su Metallo 3D
Metal 2d.PNG

Choose a robot and discover all its features


3d Wax Setting Robot

Setting Stones in wax requires very high precision skills and many hours of man power. Today with our new cutting-edge technology this can be done with Robots that are faster more reliable and don't get tired.


  • Wax setting Robot in 3d with 360° rotation

  • 3 Stone Setting Head

  • Setting Speed 6000 to10000 stones/hour

Preincassatura in Cera
Scheda Tecnica .JPG


Sifting Desk

The sifting desk allows you to place stones of various sizes quickly and effectively. The distribution of the stones are on different pre-calibrated templates in resin or aluminum.

  • Fast Distribution

  • Easy to use

  • 250w lamp

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